JANE IREDALE Beauty Prep All Green and Vegan


Jane Iridale

I’m a big fan of JANE IREDALE makeup and I’ve found her makeup pallets amazing but when it comes to skin products I become very apprehensive. Having sensitive skin is such a hassle especially when certain ingredients found in products cause your skin to breakout with no notice. I was reading through my feed when I noticed a review post by Alden Wicker from Ecocult about JANE IREDALES new collection Beauty Prep that is completely eco-friendly and vegan.
Ecocult had great things to say about the collection so I figured I’d try it out because I needed something to get my skin feeling good and healthy well-wearing makeup, don’t we all?

I tried out Beauty Prep Beauty cleanser that doesn’t require rinsing once applied the cleanser contains micellar water, water with oat amino acids, and cucumber extracts.  This 100% vegan face cleanser felt amazing on my skin and was completely hassle free. I found it really easy to add to my face routine.
The Beauty Prep toner has a great fragrance thanks to the lemongrass and completely refreshing.  The toner consists of apple, pear, carrot, lemongrass and coconut water which is intended to balance your pH levels and to moisturize your skin.
The moisturizer was really light and smooth and placing makeup over it didn’t feel like I had a sticky mask over my face. This is something you tend to run into when moisturizers are way too rich especially when they cater to sensitive skin. I really love the Beauty Prep moisturizer it contains organic rose stem cell extracts which tighten your pores and promote cell regeneration. My friend tried out the Beauty Prep collection with me and fell in love with the moisturizer and found it to be great for people who have oily skin.


The new line is a must have I would recommend getting it. Yes, it is a bit pricey but completely worth the investment if you’re aiming to get your skin feeling good and looking great with minimal makeup or completely natural.


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