Dress over trousers is that Feminism?

We all saw Emma Watson wearing a daring Dior haute couture dress over a stylish pair of trousers at the golden globes a long while back. This wasn’t her first time taking a dress and wearing it over trousers. Emma Watson is one of the modern female feminists in pop culture and in a way her outfit spoke volumes in its simplicity.

Does wearing a gorgeous dress over trousers mean you’re breaking the female dress code norm? Throughout the ages wearing a dress identified you as a girl but the latest trend that’s hit runways and even been taken up by celebs has sparked this question to my mind.

I was checking through my photo feeds when I came across some street style outfits and I noticed how this trend has echoed out through super long blouses and crisp shirt dresses over ripped denim or tailored manly trousers. This trend isn’t just seen amongst the female but men have taken it up by wearing long t-shirts or skirts over pants. As seen Kanye West and Justin Bieber go to style is mixing this trend up, as much as how controversial they are one thing is for sure this trend works.

I just think it’s so cool that we are at a point where we are allowed to mix two contradicting fashion elements together to create an Individual style. Whether you’re going for haute couture or simply smashing urban style, there’re lots of ways to take this trend and mix it. What I love most about it is that Fashion doesn’t have a prescribed gender when it comes to being stylish and on point. Isn’t that an achievement of feminism breaking women out of the ideals prescribed before time?

Would you wear pants over a dress? Let me know.


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