Stylish and Eco-friendly

We all know about global warming and all the bad effects that are plaguing our precious planet. If you’re reading this post you’ve most probably made up your mind on making a difference or maybe you’re afraid of making the switch because in the back of your head you keep seeing yourself in a sack garment “because Eco-friendly sounds far from stylish and comfortable.” Then again changing your whole closet seem like such a mission especially when you don’t know what Eco-friendly clothes are.
Yes, I’m one of those earth loving people, don’t judge me, I don’t judge your frozen yogurt addiction. Honestly, I love the earth we have been given and as much as we try to pretend that the earth is perfectly fine and that global warming doesn’t exist, we have to come to terms with the fact that deforestation is a real thing and that climate change is happening. But I’m not here to preach about becoming an Eco-friendly activist that’s a choice you will have to make at some point in your life.


I wanted to go earth-friendly and I told my friend about this and she laughed and her first comment was “I don’t even know what my style is and now I have to restrict a whole market of clothes just to be earth friendly. What am I going to wear?”
She had a great point being young and still trying to figure out who you are as an individual is something we were still dealing with. Fashion is a big thing especially when it comes to self-expression and experimentation and I was basically starting all over with no idea about how to be an Eco-friendly shopper, well I knew the basic which was it had to be good for the earth.
In a world filled with so much overwhelming information and tags that confused me senseless. I asked myself if this big idea was actually worth my time. I took a step back and started at the beginning and getting myself informed about Eco-friendly clothes brands and through trial and error, I figured it out. I realized just because I’m being Eco-friendly doesn’t mean I can’t experiment with my style and be stylish and we all know experimenting, especially with a friend, is so much fun.

How do I become an Eco-friendly shopper? Well it pretty easy, get to know the process that it takes to get that super slick white cotton t-shirt and the difference between imported cotton and garments that are made in your country. Yeah, it seems like a lot of work but it’s not. Trust me one amazing berry smoothie and the internet will get you into the Eco-friendly shopper mindset. Check out Sustainable Brands this website will help loads.

Get to know those amazing stores that cater to being an Eco-friendly and fair trade, you will be spoiled for choice a great example would be ASOS Green room.
“Thrifting is the new chic.” You’re most probably giving me the stink face and running away after that statement or maybe you’re wondering how thrifting is connected to being Eco-friendly. Well, it’s simple your recycling and a lot of amazing gems can be found when thrifting. You won’t just be saving some money but also helping the environment, make sure to wash your new items.
The number one thing that doesn’t cost a thing is doing a closet purge. Look through your closet and finding those basics. Now find a way to re-wear them in a new way and all the other garments that you know you will never wear can be given away.
“So I want to go green does that mean I have to give up my style?” No, you don’t if your all about those thigh-high boots and slick blazer bet your bank you will find them. All the clothes you will find in Eco-friendly stores are super stylish and on par with the trend, so you won’t be looking like the outdated girl unless that what you’re aiming for.
I will be doing another in-depth look at some Eco-friendly stores that I find amazing so keep in tune for that post.
Please let me know of any stores you find to be awesome that are Eco-friendly or trade fair and if you found this post helpful.
Love y’all!


4 thoughts on “Stylish and Eco-friendly

  1. I LOVE THOSE OUTFITS! I want that big knitted coat, you’d feel so snuggled!lol Have you heard of the Eco online shop wikaniko? They don’t do so much fashion but they do food, cleaning products,beauty products, pet care and gardening and much more but id be here for If you haven’t checked them out here is a link to there shop and

    Thank you for the post, i’m trying to turn my life style more Eco friendly and i never thought of my clothes, that’s a really good point! Thanks again 🙂

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