Vegan Leather jackets

I love animals and I could never imagine wearing real leather but I so badly wanted a leather jacket. There are lots of Eco-friendly Vegan leather jackets out there but finding one that looked and felt right was the major issue I had to deal with. Just looking for a great leather jacket is a mission but you guys I got it right.
I finally found a selection of amazing faux leather jackets, which were high quality and super stylish and fitted right.
Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket from Nasty Gal

Can we just take the time to honor the beauty of this tough leather jacket and the fit is just killer.

FAUX LEATHER JACKET from Zara is tradition to the max. If you want a vegan, Eco-friendly jacket that looks and feels like a traditional vintage leather jacket then this is a must try.

Blank NYC quilted faux leather jacket has long front collar panels bringing a more feminine and textured feel. That looks nothing like a faux leather confusing anyone from second guessing your killer vegan jacket.

The fleece and faux leather moto jacket from urban outfitters scream edgy sporty chic. This jacket just felt right from the fabric to the fit, I loved it. Plus its 100% Vegan can anything get better than that?

So there are my top leather jackets that I tried and found super comfortable. They worth their price especially because of the quality and are a great fashion basic investment into any chic or edgy wardrobe.
Go check them out and tell me what you think and if you run into any interesting new jackets let me know.


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