Best Slip Dresses

Andy from StylScrapBook must be mentioned because her LA Nights post gave me the inspiration to do a run down on some amazing slip dresses on sale that are worth the buy. To bring your sexy inner 90’s babe out to shine whether it’s edgy partying or keeping it casual and classy.

So lets start this list of amazing dresses on sale right now at Urban Outfitters.

Out From Under Carolina Maxi Slip

This gorgeous maxi slip dress comes in two different colors for only 59$

Martel Cozy Slip Dress

Silky edgy slip dress in a vibrant shade on sale for 109.99$

Out From Under Fine Straps Midi Slip

Traditional slip dress with a sexy slit for only 29.99$

Out From Under Mixed Maxi Slip

An interesting back maxi slip dress  for only 49$ now.

Silence + Noise Slip Midi Dress

This lose slip dress comes in two shades. So perfect for a chilled summer only for 34.99$

Check out these dresses and tell me what your taste is.


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