Le Slip Dress so Chic

You know that sexy little slip dress that you’ve always wanted to wear but just couldn’t because you didn’t know where, how or when you should well…I’ve got some answers. Kendall Jenner has shown that you can layer and dress that little slip dress up just as much as you could a little black dress.

I’m feeling the 90’s calling and an itching for a replay of clueless. Looking through some old 90’s magazine and trend research I came across some old classic slip dresses that were worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and being a 90’s enthusiast I just had to post about the slip dress.
The little dress that made its way out of the bedroom and into the street with so much sass and sex appeal but still had/has an edge.
“So how do I dress this garment up?”
Go minimal
Get a long gorgeous slip dress under a coat or simply wear it as is with flowing hair or messy bun. Feel the love child or city slickness and let that inner you lose.

Layer it babe
A bodysuit or t-shirt under a slip dress is a current trend that’s super comfy and sexy. It’s all about getting the right colors to work as you layer a basic layering color for a bodysuit or t-shirt that will always work is white but don’t be afraid to add color just remember you don’t want to look like a mix matched curtain.

Texture and patterns
Maybe you want some edge and aren’t afraid to express yourself then don’t be afraid of texture and patterns. Whether you’re layering a black slip dress over a stripped t-shirt don’t be afraid to mix around with texture. I say this remembering Winona Ryder wearing a dark purple velvet maxi slip dress in 1993 on the red carpet.



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