My intro to Christine and the Queens


Christine and the Queens combine music, performance, art videos, drawings, and photography. Evoking great emotions out of you and sending magnetic messages that remind us we all are humans and deserve to be treated the same regardless of gender, sexual preference or race.
I find her art pop music catchy and hypnotic or as described by Héloïse Letissier as “Freakpop” gets you feeling things you haven’t felt in a while about music.
Héloïse Letissier, known by her stage name Christine and the Queens, is a French singer and songwriter. She was born 1 June 1988. Letissier studied theater at École normale supérieure de Lyon. When she was in London, she found inspiration from the work of local drag queen musicians such as Russella who has accompanied her.
Héloïse Letissier dedicated many of her creations to the queens who then became her backup band known as “Queens” in Christine and the queens. Many of her songs are also dedicated to all transgender individuals.
If you think the art of meaningful lyrics being played over intoxicating rhythms is dead. Here’s an interview of Héloïse Letissier with Nylon magazine on her track “Narcissus Is Back,” from her EP Saint Claude,
It’s an old, very old story, that comes from greek mythology : Narcissus walks by the water, falls in love with his own reflection, and finally drowns.
I walk down the streets and notice more and more people adjusting their phone to take a better picture – two years ago, I accumulated weird self-portraits as if it could eventually alter my own face.
But there’s something even more interesting in this Narcissus myth : Echo, the nymph who loves him, and who doesn’t get any of his attention. The legend says she died without being seen once by the man she adored – only her voice remained, endlessly repeating itself.
A pop song is like a sophisticated echo, and I felt like her sometimes, when you didn’t even care to look at me – see ? I’m fading again.
Maybe a picture will help.
I’m just like everyone else : I put my face on camera to be sure I’m even here at all – can you see me ? Can you see me ?

Christine and the Queens– Chaleur Humaine



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