Its a secrete…

Strange Love– Halsey


I find myself pretending that I’m okay just so I can satisfy you. I’ve become something I don’t recognize behind this dramatic play I’ve set up for you .The stage lights they blind me and the audiences applause’s they suffocate my inner voice Leaving me helpless and alone I’m trapped! Inside this never ending show of pretending I try to break free but it’s impossible because I’ve lost every piece of me as you desired an encore.

giphy (2)

What do you want from me?” I scream over and over again into your ear but I find only I can hear my own voice and my own ears are bleeding from this agony alone. What must I do I ask myself as I sit in the dark with razers at my hand s and salt pouring down my charcoaled pinked cheeks hoping for something to catch me out of the dark?

You hate me or maybe you love me to much I keep telling myself but I’ve come to a conclusion this toxic game of tic tac toe is not working for me, I’m tired of reserving a coffin for myself and telling Lucifer that his got to have a place for me in line to hell because my lovers got me holding my breath and for once I’ve got to catch my breath and that’s my fuckin secrete …


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