Diging a Trench

“So you know people say you talk a great talk so lets see the walk?” Maybe you haven’t so Iv’e published my first public creative writing piece on Wattpad so here’s some of the book please check it out and let me know if you guys want more of the story…

Californian Trenches 


“Their eyes lock tight into each other as the cold breeze blew the hot summer sweat down their backs. His fingers travel down her dolled up flaxen hair destroying every last perfect curl. Her fingers trickled round his lips down his chiseled jawline as his masculine hand griped her dainty neck up against the door frame. She could feel his cold harsh hand crawling up underneath her flimsy little dress. Unable to breath but locked in his gaze of passion, he watched as the air was Lessening in her lungs and her pupils dilated sending shivers of passion into his soul as he broke his grip to suck as much air as he could from her lips.”


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