Chloe X Halle


Can we call them  Beyonces in the making ?

I was very lucky recently to get introduced to Chloe x Halle the amazing duet singers that started off as youtubers but are now the talk of the music industry. These amazing sisters are only 16 and 17 but have a distinctive sound that is rich with texture and beats beyond explanation and can be discovered in their single “drop”. They bring back self-expression and individually in a phase of our lives where self-conforming and letting go of your aspirations and hobbies and becoming more realistic is expected of you. And letting out from that is highly challenging and I love the fact that the girls are taking over the world the way they want like, their mentor queen Bee herself, who wouldn’t want to have been managed by her.

The youtubers started off doing covers of queen bee before they got into her record label and ft in “lemonade” and opened her European tour.

It’s groovy to have more strong young women out there doing it their way and living without having to feel like they have to be ashamed or feel less inferior because it’s impossible not to fall in love with these sisters whether it be their voices, style or spirit. Especially with so many teens not knowing who they are and not feeling like they fit and its okay to not fit it’s about creating your own space.

Drop – Chloe x Halle


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