“Feel the pain that runs through me like the blood running through my veins bringing life to this worthless body…

Smell the toxic fumes from the ashes of my dead heart as it disappears into the night sky tainting all that’s beautiful with bullshit

Taste the anxiety that shuts me down mentally leaving me speechless and perplexed in a meditative trance as I’m drowning in my deepest fears

Watch as it engulfs me and leaves no trace of who I was to be.

Look at the melancholy that feeds me like an addict getting its fix..

Observe me as I go through withdraw don’t take your eyes off my despondent spirit as it washes over me ,destroying every last piece of hope left in this frail corpse that once was animate.

Hear the tears that fill me up with happiness. Hear them nourish my body with bitter sulfate and Listen to my inner starvation crying out for an exit from this hold

Experience my deadly inspiration and pray you can come out of it alive and unchanged. For I’m just a venomous virus that takes hold and never lets go..”


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