The Darkened silance

Inspiration struck early and so I had to post this earlier than I would uselessly, well a day earlier to be precise. Here is another poem from “The Darkness and The Silence” please check it out and feel free to drop some comments here on Wattaap.



My taste buds have acquired a taste for the strange and unorthodox. My friend they think I’m weird, they laugh at me and play jokes on me. The fools look at me and say she’s such a silent little girl, they feed me candy and plat my braids as they ask for party favors.

My wicked friends, they lough at my choices and say I’m so foolish because I’m so innocently inexperienced and yet their fathers and brothers are addicted to my innocent bite.

Their eyes are drawn to the young well mine has faded to the older and wiser.

My taste buds have acquired a siliceous addiction to the unorthodox.

My friends, they commit themselves to one another and tell me stories of worlds uncharted by my innocent godly eyes. My wicked friends, they Lough as I explain my inexperience to love, but yet their beloved are addicted to my toxic body.

They Lough and hide the world from me unaware of the devil That’s been built up underneath the Angels skin. My wicked friends, they close their eyes and pay no attention to me as I roam the darkened daylight fucking every intricate and complicated man. Poring my venom of loneliness and commitment dissatisfaction all over their sexually aroused corpses.

My taste buds have acquired a taste for the unorthodox of the sexual pleasures beyond the norm


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