Its more than a crush its an obsession



I’ve been holding off posting this artist and I have no idea why because her album Art angles, released in 2015 has been on repeat well I’ve been writing most of my blog post lately and has gotten me through some of my rough absent patches.

If you haven’t heard of Claire Elise Boucher or best known as her stage name “Grimes” well then you’ve been missing out on an amazing artist. For those of you who know who this electronic pop innovative force is then you know of what I’m talking about when I say her music doesn’t just move but makes you feel and hear things, you haven’t heard before.

From her haunting echoes of “life in a vivid dream” and the magnetic upbeat meaningful lyrics of “California.”  The album in whole is drenched in meaningful lyrics and I could sit all day beating which song is best above the rest within the album but at the end of the day, Grimes is an amazing artist and all her works speak volumes and I’m obsessed with her music.

Claire Elise Boucher, “Grimes” started from the underground music scene and has brought her music to a larger audience which shows she really speaks self-empowerment because she’s more than just a singer she’s a director, songwriter and record producer. “If that doesn’t scream talented I don’t know what does.” 

I love her kick as attitude and there is no filtering in her album artworks or music videos they not made to be the mainstream they just Grime and that’s amazing because if we can just take who we are and take ownership of our true personalities without the fears of being told that they can’t be part of reality. Then wouldn’t we be so much happier?


Flesh without Blood-Life in a Vivid Dream  –  Grimes 


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