The book


“I don’t want to tell you how I feel because then you’ll know how I feel” I hide under the book as if the novel was big enough to hide my whole book. “At some point, your gonna have to say the words back to me and I’m not gonna wait for forever.” He whispers over my head and tries to pull the novel away from me.

I can’t let go of it because it feels like it’s got something that belongs to me and it says words that only I understand and that he will never get even though I know he loves me. ‘Can his love overcome my own hate and self-destruction?’

“Hanna are you okay?” his brown hair restlessly blowing in the breeze asking for attention “I’m okay…” I hand him my cold fingers and hope that maybe I won’t find any flaws and his love will make me see the uniqueness there is in our relationship like starts in space, uniquely charming.


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