Emery the gypsy.


I lay on her lap as the sun’s rays shine’s on our golden skin, I feel her long nails crawl up my leg as they tap at my jagged washed out denim shorts. Her cold arm wraps around my warm waist as she leans in closer for a kiss.

I smile as she pulls away and our lips slip apart. She places a joint between her plump lips as she puffs out a hypnotic smoke in my direction as her blue eyes glaze over at my long dark hair. I run my hands under her dress as her grip tightens around me and she pulls me into a deep kiss under the shade of the big blossom oak tree.

“You know I can’t help but smile whenever I see you.” I look at her and pull the joint from her fingers and place it between my lips as I drag a breath and exhale all the anxiety built up inside me. “Even when the world looks at us like creeps and treats us like outcast and sinners?”

I take another breath in of the joint as I stare out into the distance I feel her gaze digging at me. Her hands crawl down my legs sending shivers down my spine. She gets up and climbs up onto my hips, stares straight into my eyes as she sits down and locks her hands into mine. “Those are the days that you make me love you.”

I release the breath of smoke built up as we pull into an embrace. The cold air brushing past us can’t cool down the passionate fire burning up between us as our intentions of obsession increase to the point of my top coming off and my breasts being exposed to the bare air and nature scenery of beautiful rustic forestry.

Emery and I lie on the plaid picnic blanket staring up at the spring sky with our fingers interlocked as we finished off the joint as Emery tries to interpret our dreams.

We look up at the blue sky as the birds circle up above singing melancholy tunes and the scent of wild forest spring meadow washes the intoxicated air we exhale. I hold my palms out to her and like a gypsy, she begins to investigate every grove, completely obsessed with my fortune. Hypnotized I draw closer to her bare skin and reach out to touch. “You know my mother was a gypsy and she could read people’s palms and tell fortunes. Do you think maybe her skills could be handed down to me?” Emery whispered out into the blue sky of forest birds


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