Look inside.

I decided to publish my wattpad short story Razors and secrets so please give it a look if you like this post.


Rows of lights set aside entrenched with powers to bring out someone’s inner soul. The lights they scream for attention.
The lights they shine brightly on me, they call me to pay attention, as if the gates of haven are opening and this play is about to bring down the gentle touch of God in my life.

At this moment one would repent as the sensation of burning and disorientation pours over.

“Why do you put me in the spot light when you know I’m not equipped?”
Am I to say all of my transgressions, acceptances, and forgiveness?

The lights they gleam brightly against the red curtains as they lifted away
I pull my lines, and I begin. I begin to recite like my life depends on it for God knows if I were to spill the wrong words your wrath would brake me down as a tempest on the earth.
Why do you place me here when you know my failures?

“Are we not lovers of one light?” I ask his bright light shining on me.
“For I am cast out as a shadow of your sunlight, Are we not meant to shear and bask in the same rays?” No response but static burning bright lights

I can’t feel my lover’s hands on mine like before. Nor I can I hear my lover’s sweet words just the bitter taste of history lingers over me and haunts me. When did I fall in love with a ghost I ask myself for this silence it kills beyond explanation to know that someone is watching but won’t respond?
Now I must repent and answer to a God.


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