Best online Zine and art book stores in New York

I come back to you with some new places to check out for those seeking an edge to their library collection. Whether its prints such as amazing zines or just a few selection of interesting books then theses are great online stores to check out. If you’re in New York, I’d recommend taking a trek to experience the textile and authentic atmosphere of these great stores.

I have become obsessed with zines and can’t seem to get enough of them and to find a great zine isn’t the easiest thing but at the right store, there’s a wide verity of selection for every flavor and taste you can imagine.

 OBJECT_IFY 139 is a great store to check out whether you want to order online or better yet go to the store and experience the artistic atmosphere they have created. They don’t just offer a selection of prints and books, but they also have objects such as their “burn your idol” candles.

Another great store that’s online is PRINTED MATTER this amazing store offers great artist books and a wide selection of prints. There’s no way you’ll leave this site without finding something you love. Unfortunately  PRINTED MATTER is moving so there will be awhile till you can go in-store and get the physical PRINTED MATTER experience in New York City.

Finally DASHWOOD BOOKS with its wide selection of photography books and prints. This online store is another must try but if you’re lucky enough to get to go and spend a day in their verity of shelves of books, don’t leave.  DASHWOOD BOOKS slick collection of photography books is a great source of inspiration for anyone in the arts


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