Finding my wild space

What’s it like to be wild and finding your natural space fully? Well, the truth is I wouldn’t fully know because I’ve just entered the wild. I can tell you one thing is that once you’ve carved that wild space out for yourself and you’ve begun finding out what it means to you and who you are in it. You will never feel like your life means nothing.

It’s easy to be somebody else, and it’s so much easier to fold up your chairs and say okay I’m not going to the concert/life because it’s not worth the energy but how much of yourself are you locking away from the world and most importantly yourself?

I loved this message someone sent me because it’s so poetic and I completely know how this feels. “I find myself always beating the drum of somebody else, and it takes so much strength and energy to move about to my tune.” Well, you know what Anonyms it’s never easy pretending to be something you’re not because dealing with the depression that comes with holding the real you away and pushing away your true feelings.

I can tell you to be yourself and express yourself, but I know that these are merely just words and yeah it looks a lot easier than it seems. This progress and it’s not something you’re going to get to overnight.

We are rebuilding a wild space so here’s the steps to follow. The steps won’t turn you into a new person overnight, but it will get you out of that mask you’ve got super glued on. It will get you in the wild space where you know this is your space you can be you. From here you can take it out as far as you want because you’re beautiful and the world needs to know who you truly are.

Step one: tell yourself that you love something about yourself. (You have to compliment yourself whether it’s taking your critics voices and telling yourself that they wrong then do it.)

Step two: make up your mind and stick to it.  (Don’t let others be your voice of reason. You’ve got to be your voice, and then you can take in others input)

It’s important that you start to making your choices and define your tastes because it creates your character don’t change your taste because you want to fit in

Step three: do something you love (don’t be embarrassed just do it.)

Finally, Step Four: surround yourself with people who are right for you (they can’t be negative or demoralizing to you) these are the people that you want in your wild space the ones who will see the real you first.

So I’ve stopped beating my drum to the sound of somebody else’s and with all the harshest critic trying to push me aside I’ve found my wild space and it’s amazing. I hope that you can find your wild space where you can be you with no regrets and lots of love.


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