Emery-The rain.


The storm hadn’t passed, and you could still hear the thunder in the distance as we sat in the auditorium hanging up the lights for the theater production of Romeo and Juliet.

The one production that is ever revived by Shakespearian enthusiast drama teachers. The props were almost done, and all that was left was the fitting of the lights.

“I love the rain it reminds me that there’s a force out there that can always clear us all out” Jenna mummers as she hangs her last strip of fairy lights on the tall plastic trees.

“I love the rain because I just love water, and we get off school early thanks to the flooding.” I turn to knock Jackson over as his comment leaves me on edge.

“The rain is so much more than just a getting out of school and as much as it can be terrifying its roots are clear and innocent. The rain is all about nourishing, nourishment of the earth and body.”

I can’t help but think of how the rain is like Romeo and Juliet’s love. How their love is just innocent and has no intentions of causing friction and how like rain it can be easily swayed into a tempest of destruction leading to death.

“Of course, for you, Jackson life would just revolve around you and you alone!” Emery’s voice booms out from above as she leans down from the stage rafters exposing her flawless golden skin and curly locks of hair.

My heart sets a flutter as the lights glisten off her. My Juliet set up a high or was I Juliet and Emery Romeo set to sweep me off my feet in a teen romance?

Her bold smile sends sparks down my skin and I can’t hide the fact that I’m excited by this newfound love and like Romeo and Juliet and the rain as much as we try to hide it we can’t.

The Thunder still echoes in the distance and the rain continues pouring outside as we try hanging all the lights on the stage props.

“You know Jackson the rain is a group of nymph sisters grieving, and so their tears wash over the earth. Just think about that every time you believe the rain is so inconsequential.” Emery lightly whispers out to Jackson as she takes a string of lights

“When did the rain become something so much bigger than just condensation and evaporation?” I murmur out towards her as if too afraid to ask directly

Her blues eyes pierce me like a lazar cutting through glass. “Don’t you want me to care?” she asks what am I to say?

To be continued


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