How To Be Happy through anxiety

Recently my anxiety was at an all-time high. So college break is over, and all the work has come back flooding in like crazy, my first instincts were to panic and freak out but i decided to take a different approach.

for a week I followed out my new routine of doing what makes me happy and finally settled into having a busy schedule and my anxiety not having reign over my emotions. For anyone who’s ever suffered or is suffering from anxiety you know what I’m talking about when I say you can’t shake that urgency feeling off and even once you’ve settled there’s still that unnerving feeling that lingers asking if you’ve got everything down right?

The anxiety can get so overwhelming almost like a gunshot blasting through you at all times at unsuspected hours. What do you do when you’re constantly under attack and can’t seem to catch your breath?
that question left me at odds for awhile as I couldn’t figure out what to do or how to get myself just to relax and ease back into my skin. Until I finally figured it out “the happy list.”

You know those lists you come across on how to be happy? I’m not talking about the common kind that says go for a run and stuff will figure itself out because that’s not the case. I’m talking about the ones that say make space for yourself and do what makes you smile every day.


So here’s my happy no anxiety list.
• Make space

Whether it’s physical space that’s needed in your home or just space for yourself make space for that.

• Move your body.

I know not all of us are into sports but those particular chemicals that are released when you move your body can help just a little plus this connects with getting into nature

• Get into nature

That’s fresh air and empty solitude will settle your mind and all those racing thoughts. If nature isn’t your thing, then get into a space that’s got the same effect on you.

• Chill

It is okay to do nothing you don’t always have to be buzzing about, take a moment and do something chilled. Catch up on a series.

• Be you

The most important of all you can’t go about making happy lists like a zombie they need to be done with intent and interest. The list has to speak to you.

• Love yourself and take your time

Healing isn’t a rushed process we all heal and react at different levels.
Here’s another happy list from sincerely Reine. I hope you find your anxiety is eased out, and happiness enriches your days.


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