A whole Love

They called me and told me that you weren’t coming home.

My love what happened to you? Will I ever see your summer smile again? I can’t help but think about the last words we exchanged as you left me in the shadow of your arms the last summer we spent under the blossom trees.

The love I feel it aches like a knife cutting within my soul leaving me to witness my life flash forward with no trace of you. If you were to appear before me like a specter will I not take my life to be with you, my love.

The trees they bleed for you as if revelation has begun to unfold before me. “Oh, Father bring me back, my lover!”

I’ve mounted to nothing without you for the riches of the earth could never account for the diamonds that blazed within your eyes.

They tell me to move on and to find another for love is just a chemical interaction of the mind, and I’m a fool for forsaking this world for the dead. But are they not the fools? They don’t know the exact power that love holds the reach it has for it goes on beyond the grave and sky.

I await your voice my love

I await your smile

I await your touch

And once again our love shall be whole.



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