Death by Self Reflection

I fell in love with this piece and had to share it “Reflection” from “throughdanielleseyes” who is an amazing writer.
It’s interesting how we self-reflect and how we can almost become dependent and trapped in this cycle of our reflection whether it starts off with a real intention its becomes this nitty picky thing where we start almost to unravel ourselves, and I ask you what is left of us once we are done being so critical?


There are two specific ways to look at oneself:
1).Visually. Physically. Through one’s eyes. 
2).Mentally. Emotionally. Through one’s reflection.

She herself preferred the later, though she seemed to get the two mixed up too often to explain why.

You see, reflections, whether mental or physical, come in several different shapes and sizes. You can reflect by a pond, or in a pond. You can reflect on your past, or look at it in the mirror, the stress fractures and worry wrinkles physically visible. There are so many different mediums of reflection today, that you can basically do it however and whenever you want to.

We, as a society, deal with several different mediums for physical and mental reflection today. Instead of thriving through a swirling world of face to face interaction, we are graduating from institutions of screens, mirrors reflecting our true selves, social media reflecting our lives and choices in regards…

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