Californian Trenches and obsessions


via Daily Prompt: Obsessed

Love it can become a lethal drug because not only is it addictive but in Roselyn’s world it hits you like an invisible dart and if only she could tell this attachment to Nicholas was more than just pure admiration of one’s suite.

The bar room is lit like as if one was afraid that darkness could creep and overcome all corners of the chamber if not out cast entirely by all manners of light. And Rosaline’s white silk dress glowing like a halo signaling attention from all manners of crowds.

“Why do you pretend that you’re so unaware of me when in fact you care about my opinion so much?” his voice lingering in her head as she walks though the brightly light bar trying to attract any man’s attention.

“Get a grip Roslyn his wrong for you okay you can do better“ she drags herself into the crowded bar and slips up next to the counter as she tries to order herself a drink to ease her nerves what seemed to easy had now taken a turn. How could he be so inter twined into her and how could she be so unaware.

Unaware of how much of him she was obsessed. How much of him she had become and how much of her he had become and how much the world had changed or was the world the same and their perceptions different. She just couldn’t understand, as she stood there in her white slip silk dress drinking a bottle of le Rouge.

It was evident her dress screamed for attention, and so she did but her body screamed discomfort and complete dis-attachment as she sipped down her wine.

“Roslyn what are you doing here?” his voice came off brass and harsh of her neck and she knew her intentions were as clearly interpreted as signs of desperation.

“I needed a drink, so I came for a drink” she turned and exposed her lack of soberness. Like an addict in need of a fix, she had to get some more even though this addictive drug has horrible consequences and impacts on her she can’t help but beat herself up.

“I thought after last night you wouldn’t want to see me again. You know I said I wouldn’t die for you, and we don’t have the greatest history.” He fans his fingers through her hair and tries to hold her up

“Why do you do this to yourself, Roselyn?” Like a gentle petal falling off, its flowers stem she clasps onto him.

Completely stunned and frozen with no intentions of melting he lays in his arms. All of this Just to avoid the simple question and for his simplest help. Why does she do this why can’t she let go of him and move on? Why does she put herself into this mess of a situation?

These are questions that flood her dark head, but no answers come to pass as she shuts her eyes and let’s herself collapse into his non-existence safety net. Completely driven by her obsession.

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