We carry the world and more

via Daily Prompt: Carry


I envy the fact that you can just simply carry on.

You who hurt the world so blindly has been blessed with the gift of moving on so simply.

We who are torn and tattered by life’s trials must simply carry the burdens of the days to come and days that passed.

I envy your careless soul.

You are so simple, you who are woven together with silk strands of higher praise.

Watch us carry the history of revolutions attempted and failed.

How blessed it must be to be high above and beyond reproach.

You are so high that the sun alone has trembled for your overtaking presence.

Tell us we carriers of death and famine, how do we become ones of silk and gold.

I envy you for all your carelessness

If the earth cried for help would you hear it through your house of crystals and jewels?

We are left to carry the earth on our backs for the future of those yet unwoven through the fabrics of time and space.

How easy it must be to be of silk and gems, so high above the earth surface

So unaffected


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