Henry- The Darkness The Silence



I can tell you I’m okay and that the Devils never touched me but would be lying, his fairy hands have burnt my soul and his name is Henry.
Oh, how I loved Henry he knew how deadly twisted I was and how I was never on a fixed point.
He called me his angle and took me places I’d never seen or been before
How I thought I knew the world, but Henry he showed me how blind I was.
He took the shades off and cut my arms and showed me the cruelty of the world.
I’d scream, but Henry would laugh because he knew that’s life; filled with shit and nothing fixed would come to pass me.
Henry, he smoked and fed me the fumes of his misery
He’d pour his cheap liquor all over my manic body, leaving me in shambles of naked shamefulness
Henry showed me what insanity truly was and how his madness could overload and kill me piece by piece.
Henry was my angelic demon
Tragic but truthful and he left me completely free.
Oh, Henry where art thou.
If I die with thou, come to set me free?
Henry! Henry!


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