Daily Prompt: Hike


via Daily Prompt: Hike

Her words told me to settle down as we reached the peak. I should be excited that we’ve made it to the top but I’m dead tired, and all I can think about is how long it’s going to take to get back down. All the small talk I must make up in my head as I’m willing myself along with all these strangers trying to be enthusiastic about this one thing that we may or may not have in common. When does saying how great nature looks become an overused line like I’m fine and you or okay because we get it you’re not fine and okay doesn’t mean okay. Well unless you live in a world where minimalist words are just what make up your vocab.

I watch the clouds move past us as they somewhat gather in a group this reminds me of what a pack in the wild must be like they know exactly how to gather and huddle to hear each other’s instructions clearly as I circle them trying to fit in. I find myself nudging into Greg whose stern face looks me down and silently says in all its simplicity get a grip and find your spot already. Or maybe he was just watching the pool of sweat that had gathered round the neck of my t-shirt clearly stating that I had lied and that the outdoors matter of fact hiking was and is a forging thing to my body.

I finally give in and step back what’s the point of being in the dead center of a group of giants trying to negotiate which root they will take down, so they don’t lose out on all the great things the trail has to offer. I simply jester at taking the marked root like a dumb blabber mouth only to realize that’s not what an actual hike master would do. As bewildered faces and humor, jesters are thrown my direction as to cast out my once brilliant idea as sarcasm or God, forbid a joke. The clouds passed by as the brightly clear blue sky brings on tones of purple and pinks.

Great now I’m stuck up on this mountain with a bunch of people I would ditch faster than I climbed this god forsaken place. Running through my head are lines of great shows screening on Netflix and my unicorn onesie in all its warmth and magical softness’ beckoning me to it. Let’s not forget its sunset, time for the conservative drunk to appear.  Yes not all of us can muster the strength and pure badass to get drunk in the daytime.


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