We are the sum of the words…

We have this overwhelming feeling and idea that death is this over washing feeling of completion. That once you’ve faced it that’s it, and there’s nothing else left.

The sun won’t shine again and the somehow the rivers never ending stream will come to a stop.

That perplexing empty feeling deep in our guts will somehow consume us all and leave no trace of existence. That’s death this pit of nothingness. Inside it, there’s no such thing as time or space just pure emptiness.

I recently watched “Me Earl and the dying girl” watching the movie reminded me of how much there is hidden in the depths of this impending doomed word. How so much life and characteristics of a being are hidden from us until we are made to face all the little things that made up that person.

A scene from the movie that got me was when Greg is in Rachel’s room and begins to see all the little things that made up who Rachel truly was. She was no longer this girl who had death hanging over her but this deeply entrenched person who had so many stitches of creativity and vitality creating her being.

It’s a moment’s realization that we are so much more then what we present to the world. Not just one word that defines us it’s the sum of the whole that makes us who we are and death isn’t just this dark looming cloud of misfortune that takes away all.

For as the saying goes they never actually dead if they live in your heart.


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