Daily Prompt: Chaotic

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

I walk past a notice showing the running routes for the week’s class activity. “Are you going to join us?” Becca asks as she ties up her sleek white sneakers. “Ah no, I don’t think so.” I shyly nod in her direction as I pick my heavy stack of books from my locker. “Why not? Running is fun plus it’s for a cause.” I watch her get up from the floor with her raven black hair sweeping against her high waist denim shorts. “I guess I don’t enjoy running.” I grumble out and lock my locker up, “Well you should give it a try. You know running helps clear your mind.” Becca smiles as she struts out towards the entrance doors. I watch her disappear so confidently out into the crowd of annoying people.

Something about her made me feel like I was inadequate to have a conversation with her. From her pale milky flawless skin and softly composed voice that screamed chill. I grab my scruffy backpack for some reason I believe adds character to me, unlike other people who mould to social norms.

I can’t stop but think about the class run, but it’s pointless because running isn’t for me. Like the world is divided into those who run and those who look like fools when running. I was unlucky enough to draw the non-runner card; I walk down the corridor only to be bombard with another set of notices on the class run. Maybe it’s a sign from some higher power telling me to step out of my comfort zone. Who am I kidding the last time I landed up hurting the school’s top runner, why didn’t I just tie my running shoes properly.

I find myself sitting on the grass watching them warm up for the run. My eyes glaze over them as I shuffle with the idea of joining in. These perfect people in their perfect world were keeping fit and helping a cause for no selfish reason. “You came.” Her soft voice stops my heart sending it into a flutter. “Ah yeah sure.” I smile up at her and her gorgeous long legs. “I’m glad you made it, you’re not going to regret this okay trust me.” Her hands reach out to me and a conflict of heart, body and mind hit me why was I here and what chaos had I gotten myself into physically and emotionally.

My skin on fire and heart is racing at a hundred, I sit and gaze her down as her pull slows time down. “Are you ready Danny?” her lips murmur my name what a chaotic field she’s got me into


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