Oversharing in silence

I would love to be on this train platform being held by a man who loves me, escaping for a deliciously wonderful getaway <3:

“Tell me something I don’t know.” She whispered in my ear as the clock ticked by another hour. It’s funny how time seems to be playing tricks on me; these past few days have passed by like a mirage almost leaving me to believe that I hadn’t honestly spent that much time with her. “I guess you know everything about me.” Her laughter makes a smile creep on me as I add some tiny marshmallows into her now cold, hot chocolate. “I hope it’s not a bad thing that I don’t have something to share with you. It seems that you know everything about me.”

The silence freaks me out as she sips her hot chocolate and stares out into the lounge licking her lips. “It’s not a bad thing at all, not everyone has a complexity to them, and that’s okay.” Her voice trailed off and as much as I want to believe what she’s saying the trail of her voice says a thousand things to me. I pick my hot chocolate and sip it in the cold silence. “This is good.” I can’t believe she’s enjoying her cold drink that much or is she just trying to fill the silence somehow. I always hated when people tried to say things just to prevent silence overtaking the scene; I guess there’s always a place for quietness for me and I had figured we had gotten to the point of okay silence.

You know the silence that says everything is good and you know each other so well no words are needed to express anything. Maybe I had let out too much of myself to early in the relationship, and there was nothing left for us to delve deep into. I sip my drink and chew the tiny marshmallows away and respond to her statement false-heartedly, “I’m glad you like it.” She turns towards the door, and I know she’s ready to leave, and this time I won’t hold her back from leaving just as I have no power over time slipping by.


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