New Year, New You


A new year a new you.

That’s the plan isn’t it always. The chance to start off a new. Maybe a new wardrobe, personality, body or mental state.

That’s what the New Year brings the opportunity to reinvent yourself in a way to take all the things that brought you down in the previous year and develop strengths from them.

There’s this innocence to the new year something untainted a blank canvas with no markings. No major decisions, regrets or mistakes have been made yet. There’s still 300 and something more days ahead to make a difference or to be indifferent.

Where to start and what to do is the question that lingers in our minds as we set a foot for new chapters or entirely new books of our lives.

I have come to a decision to give up the major New Year’s resolutions train. I’ve always had anxiety with having to pick a good resolution to stick to, and the sticking to part was always the hardest. Especially when you find yourself always slipping this doesn’t help with your self-esteem, so I learned to do the achievable or aim for little goals that make up a bigger picture. Most importantly never put pressure on it because once something you find enjoyable has a time bomb attached to it turns into a chore and who loves doing chores?

What does the New Year mean to you and how do you see it now that we are actually in it? Are you the resolution type who’s always making significant life changes/ goals that are met or never quite reached?


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