Unrequited love

you know, my therapist says that revenge doesn't give you any real satisfaction but clearly she's an idiot because this feels really, really good.:

I pretend so much that I’m okay with what you give me.

So afraid to muster up the words that I need more.

I am cast out in the desert of love unrequited thirsty for some sign of affection or desire

I want to be wanted, and this need it out weights the neglect and pain that it lays upon my chest

When you look me in the eyes do you not see the tears stained by hours of pain and shame?

You tell me I’m beautiful but yet your touch and words they speak of trash and unworthiness

I should go

I should run and find myself

Fear of not being loved it cripples me and tells me to stay in your wretched embrace to be surrounded by your nothingness

What does your cool touch translate to if not love?

I want more, but I’m afraid that this is my worth

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10 thoughts on “Unrequited love

  1. tears down timeless cheeks
    they flow unrequited love
    into vast oceans

    yet hold you have time
    look all those fish swimming free
    your choice bait your hook

    just hit me wow thank you
    for you time

    unrequited love
    a story i well know
    scarred for life

    I’ve been hurt too
    down on bending knees begging
    unrequited love

    I will reblog these, thanks for the inspiration, take care,


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