Legs of Death


The feeling of a noose lingered on my neck as I sat there in despair

I see shades I’ve never seen before in rhythmic hues of delusions propaganda

I should feel like crying and calling out for help, but all I feel is peace and calm as if it’s my time.

“Daddy Oh daddy oh it’s my time” I cry out

Legs, legs all I see are legs tripping over one another trying to find balance

Are they dancing?

Is this the new Tchaikovsky play?

Is this the new Madonna?

Their legs they hypnotize you, they capture you.

The drugs you’ve taken they’ve got nothing on you like their long laced up extended trippy legs calling your name saying things you’ve never heard before

Perceptions changed for what’s wrong is right

Daddy oh I think I’m ready for this treacherous show

Words painted scream their flawlessness

Change what’s set to please the masses

Those legs extended trample opponents in aspiration for perfection

Skeletons gorging at nothing for titles

There I stare at death my dear old partner

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic


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