Moss And Leaf- Their happy place

The rain had just fallen as everything was greener and a cloud of gloom hung over us. It had been awhile since we’d been back to this spot. The weather and fallen leaves indicated just how much of our emotions towards each other had changed like seasons passing. “Remember this log? I almost fell over it the last time we were here.” Sam laughed as I sat on the rocks to position my feet far away from the still stream of water. “Yeah, I remember. You almost cut your knee on this rock.” I pointed at the rock underneath me as we sat in silence.

The silence that lived between us was never the same again now it apparently mocked just how distant we were and how foolish it was for us to come back to this surreal spot of ours. We had buried our love and were in search for it. Instead, we seemed to taint everything that was good like a virus replicating bad cells to leave the body with nothing more than crippling health and death to follow. The mossy trees and leaves were meant to be our vaccine, but I guess we had lived high hopes.

They say when something is gone it’s best to just let it go just as leaves fall off a tree you can’t gather them up and place them back on because everything has a time. It’s easier to say you will let go but when faced with the opportunity and physical request the mind screams for survival and fight. So we fight, for nothing or maybe a little bite of something and somehow we build up from that.

“You know this place still makes me feel at peace. I thought that maybe that would have changed” I turn to Sam and put the old orange leave that had fallen into the stream “I still feel at home here too.” So maybe as things disappear there is change and as much as the modification is not wanted or loved. Some change is just right and peaceful. I smile at Sam as we watch the leaf make its way downstream being propelled by the world around it.

Source: Moss And Leaf


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