Diana’s voice-A goddess within


Her enchanting voice called me into the night and reassured me that everything was going to be alright for I had found my place.

My nights of hopeless wondering have ended abruptly just as the anxiety vanished into nothingness as I rediscover my way back towards my own reflection

They had said I’d suffered an existential crisis, but I had never known my own life or path, to begin with

My mother had warped me in warmth as a remembrance of things women must be and never did I question my sexuality but her voice it made me think of who I could be

My friends said things that made me question my behaviour and personal tastes as I tried to fit into their trimmed circles, but her enticing voice assured me that life was dynamic and choices could never be wrong when in good intentions

There the linear parallels of truth and dare began to play out intentions of cruel self-obsessions.

I watch them paint their skins and smiles upon corpses gathering crowds of self-admires leaving me in depths of disapproval and loneliness

I have settled into the voice that screamed for my attention night after night as I buried my inner self deep into the ground conforming into an unknown form but now that screaming voice is sweeter than any living love

Silicone stained bills gathering dust and blood in hopes of confessions absolution

Never did I know just how much I had lost chasing a figure that had no factual existence

Now must I pity the time I lost as I was in the arms of an unforgiving stranger moulding and reshaping reality to fit social norms

Her sweet voice calls to drink from Diana’s chalice

I watch the goddess within my mutilated corpse rearrange and hold mind, body and soul on high


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