The Darkness of a Lovers Broken Heart


I called out to the darkness to encompass me and make me feel like the emptiness that has found residence with in me to vanish.

I always held my heart in a closet chained and bound but for some reason unknown to me I let it out for you.

For the first time I find myself breathless and hurt at the smallest thought of you. I could say I’ve been bewitched but the truth is I have fallen and I’ve fallen so badly. That I find myself waiting for this to end.

I’m broken and no man can mend me.

I know that nothing good comes to me so you must be a tempter here to make me see what’s missed and then snatched right out before I can come accustom to the jolliness that follows.

Can I say I’m cursed with a wicked spell that dictates all things I do or touch fail and crumble?

A curse that plagued more than just my heart and soul but drenched its way through me as seen in my coldest touch

My dearest loves have faded fast and seen their early graves before the chime of deaths timely clock and my palms they freeze and obtain no heat of festering flames or boiling loves rage

So, for now, kiss me and smoke all that we have established far away into the empty sky leaving no trace of love requited or love obtained but I beg for just as long as you last with that pipe in hand you remember me.

I will shut my heart away in the tombs of hell and know that this thing we have is nothing but time being dragged by Dickens on ball and chain.

I was searching for perfect and you came along.

Do not read into this presumptuously assuming your perfectionism. For within your lack of excellence you cared for me so dearly.

You were the first to care and not harm therefor I too cared so and some might say too much.

Now I watch and wait for you to cut and destroy all. For our destiny is one of burning flames and bloody duels

Continuation of The Darkness The Silence 


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