The tectonic plates of the earth had mimicked his emotions towards her.

His brass harsh voice brushed off her like cold water dripping down a faucet and it was clear he wanted her more then he wanted the air that was within his lungs.

She had sat in the Conner of the room in her little linen white dress curling her hair as the clock ticked by slowly denying him every chance offered towards her of making a move.

No words were exchanged as intimate eye contact was clearly broken as he stepped out of the room into the hot sun. His blue shirt shimmered in the wild Californian breeze as sweat dripped down his bare chest sending the scent of his smoky cologne into the air. She smiled as she was engulfed in the fragrance and fell into a sense of Deja Vu pulling her from that timid corner she had painted for herself.

All she could think about was the summer they spent under the stars, the cold air had pressed up against her flushed pink cheeks as she had stood by the motel door way.

He hadn’t left and she had felt a sense of relief wash over her. His keys were still in his cherry red convertible.

She had looked out and like a 80’s video montage there he was standing tall and strong next to it. It was as if he knew deep down in his tortured soul. Maybe he believed his gaze into her icy blue eyes must have left an erotic impression that she just couldn’t shake off.

“What do you want?” She called out to him from the entrance unafraid of the complete body exposure her little transparent night dress had subjecting her too. He simply smiled and pulled a cigarette out and smoked out his answer as the distance between them had drawn smaller, “You.” He puffed in her face and extinguished the cigarette in an ash tray across from her.

The tension that built between them was so treacherous no man would want to fight a war in their trenches.

His muscular arm grazed her and she could feel every single hair strand brush against her bare porcelain skin. The air grew thinner only leaving electric pulses of dirty looks and utter desire.

He had begun to pull back from her as he tried ironing out his shirt, only to expose his chiselled chest. She’s couldn’t stand the fact that he was so good looking but they’d  been down this road before and that crazy summer fling had passed. Like the changing of seasons.

“I’ve got to get dressed I’ll see you when we meet again” she softly had spoken out in his direction but all she could think about was his hands all over her body and his lips on hers. “What?” He moved up to her door frame exposing his complete strength as he had gripped onto the entrance. This movement had shown her that they were to be at odds. Two soldiers opposed on a field, a pattern she had been well aware of. This was their circular romance no full stop but commas in place or elusive goodbyes.

Their eyes were locked tight into each other as the cold breeze blew the hot summer sweat down their backs. His fingers travelled down her dolled up flaxen hair destroying every last perfect curl. Her fingers had trickled round his lips and down his chiselled jawline as his masculine hand griped her dainty neck up against the door frame. She could feel his cold harsh hand crawling up underneath her flimsy little dress.

As she was unable to breath but locked in his gaze of passion, he watched as the air was lessened in her lungs and her pupils dilated sending shivers of passion into his soul as he broke his grip to suck as much air as he could from her lips.

They passionately locked lips and griped onto each other. She had let her hair fall and bitten into his lips. This was different from their summer under the stars, this time they had wanted more.

His blood had dripped down the corner of his lip as she licked it away. “Does it hurt?” She whispered in his direction as the blood dripped down his cheek, he smiled and licked the blood away. Pulling her flaxen curls closer “you’re so interesting ” he smiled as his rough hands pushed her fragile body over sending her into a state of giggles as she pulled out a pile of rope and began to bind him to the chair. ‘I’m going to kill you” she smiled and seductively whispered in his ear. She pulled out a silver ornamental dagger and slowly began to torturously slice at his skin leaving streaks of blood dripping horizontally across his chest and arms.

He flinched and cringed in ecstasy as she physically hurt him the way he had hurt her emotionally. This should have been wrong, their situation shouldn’t have felt so romantically real.

She licked the cold dagger that somewhat represented her heart. He smiled as he kissed her lips drenched in his blood. For the first time he was vulnerable and she was honest. It was clear that this was what a dysfunctional relationship would be as a mundane would say. The two monsters that looked like humans dancing the dance of lovers so hungry like tigers waiting on their prey.

She untied him from the chair and crawled down onto her fours like a prime mate and untied what she had binned. He watched the red wiry rope fall from his body as she smirked and mumbled out irrelevant words of want and satisfaction. “Why do you taunt me?” His brass voice occupied the room like a loud intercom booming godly commands.

The heated room had filled with silence in all that was heard was the bashing California wind knocking the trees about. As he had knocked her before the trees knock against the window pain as the two sat across from each other.

We’re they searching for words to fill up the empty space or was the emptiness somewhat erotically pleasurable to both of them? One could never tell this affair was not like their tangled up sweet summer of ice cream and coffee. This time they had turned their cards into raunchy shadows of sex and cigarette smoke fogs of lust filled death.

The American dream she had laid wasted on the floor with a bottle vodka and tonic and the LA obsessions had driven him mad to the point of cocaine suicide.

‘Would you die for me?’ She finally choked out from under the furry white bear skin carpet. Her hope for a quick response was short lived as time fluttered by, engulfing her in a darkened abyss. ‘Why would you ask me such a question when you know I have a hunger to live beyond life’s boundaries?” Came his voice like a presidential candidate at a podium.

She had returned to her corner and remembered why she was so evasive to his persuasive advances. How she wished she could turn the clocks hand back to the point she had been alone with her perfect curls. That was the thing about their treacherous love it was a pattern that seemed to repeat its self so willingly in its darkness.

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3 thoughts on “Californian

  1. Very well done! I really like the back-and-forth emotional war between these two lovers and the atmosphere you create is…well…the word “intoxicating”comes to mind. Terrific writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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