Cocaine Lover-The Darkness the Silence


My desperation for your affection could be seen as a gesture of great affection

Huntress on a prowl for pray but pray with gun at hand

Call me a stalker

I’m obsessed with all the little things that create your existence

I close my eyes and your face is shaped and etched in the darkness of my mind and night

What can I say I’m in love with you?


The word it’s etched into my bones and it begs for you to know

But you are out of love with me

How do I make you fall back within my reach

Why do I place you on pedestals out of reach

They say love cannot be moved like mountain they stay firmly planted

Can I not move mountains with my faith

Or was that too a lie told to me as blinding love

If not, I faithfully move you to love me too

If repetition makes mind grow founder of repeater, then kind lover let me be the instructor of your meditation tapes to send your conscious into Cupid’s bow and body soul to my loving arms

I’m desperate for your love

So desperate it aches to breathe or do the things an animal must to sustain

So leave me not like animal and love me so like poet

The love that I desire to give to you it flows endlessly

No River or fall could compare


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