No slave to love


You who see the roses grown in soul’s darkest chalice for long requests a way to find hidden lights

How is birth possible in tombs of insanity and isolation?

Why do we wonder for the stars that vandalize our dreams with hope of things afar rearrange the moments within our lives

The darkness that you had threshed upon me for a lush tale has converged its self into a dramatic character in search of love and child

For you who sees the light let it be known that I too am no longer blind

The haze that once hid the sun and rainbows from my grasp has vanished knowing how foolish it was to assume this cage it once locked me in could hold me bare forever

Have I flourished?

Have I grown?

Have I amounted to something or someone words worthwhile?

The light they flicker no more but steady stream and beam so bright announcing my emergence to the grace lands that baron held and slavers toiled

Now slavers own and barons disintegrate or may I dare say decay with no word worthwhile

From my book the darkness the silence  Please check it out and comment if you like.


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