The Huntress and Beauty

Placed under the expectation as if I’m some kind of preservice little baby

But baby never knew that mother was grown in tribal pursuits

Gathering huntress and fighting lions gathering in heat for hungers got them ravenous by curves

Flat or abundant they worship her like a the goddess she is

If fire burn she made it so well it wraps round her anointing her with some kind of power that god has placed

The foreign watchers blasted with confusion wondering how the earth has mastered such a being so made

Had they not fashioned their own ideas and failed just as they painted their dreams into the minds of the young who read the books and papers that said what beauty was confined to

My anger so rich it boiled to blistering red drenching ultra violet sunrays exposing the melanin within their skins and blood pulsing that spoke their common ground

Beauty was hers the day she was born and her mother knew it

The huntress that cut the earth and bled into the sheets of creation knew the beauty that she was bringing into the world as it fashioned itself into a being of its own creation

Blood of earth and body of skies beauty beyond reproach told to cut and dice

How the mother must feel to be left angry and mocked by a society denying the truth of its people to be who they are deep within and that to be defined as the beauty that earth knows so well

She who started off as a baby was now a woman knowing fully well that the image they had given was not the one the lioness within had screamed

Animal instincts cutting out realizations of nature’s beauty and artificial essence not needed the huntress is born again.


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