Is Organization something specific

I want to create a regular blogging schedule, but I’m apprehensive about the idea because it might cut off my crazy frantic ways of being inspired and posting at will end. I’ve always been a whimsically disorganized soul, and I emphasize whimsically, so you pay no attention to the disorganization that runs amuck of my world at times.

I came across the writing prompt denial, and maybe I’m in denial that I need to get organized. As a professional procrastinator denial is a word, known ought to well.

I sit in front of my computer knowing I have a 1200 word essay due. And can’t help but marvel about Pinterest creating a moodboard of a future apartment I will never obtain or decorate in some crazy aesthetic I’ve become drawn too. “Yes, all of a sudden clean minimalism is my thing forget eclectic mania I’m all about clean lines and organized monochromatic coloured pillars.”

It is crazy how fast tracked your mind can become with other ideas when you’re a procrastinator.  All you want to do is anything and everything that isn’t work related. “Yes I will get to the essay eventually I still have about eight hours to pound it out.” Another issue I have to face with is that I have ADHD so my mind can be selective and well I can be hyper at times. Now writing this I think to myself maybe organizing myself is an excellent idea and can help me manage the moments of great panic anxiety freak outs I am so very fond of.

All great realizations aside who am I kidding getting organized freaks the nomadic artist in me out. I’m used to living by the whims of my ideas that are organized in their own right, but if we had to get critical, my organization skills would suck as they lack meticulous fixtures that scream planned.

Being in college requires you to organize your life and be proficient and looking at my friends planned out journals and dotted note tasks freaked me out as I preferred my coloured notes arranged out in appealing patterns.

My looking at others works made me feel a lot less adequate, but through writing this post, I came to realize that we are not all the same and so being organized isn’t something that has to look like every other person. We are all individuals with sophisticated tastes and preferences so maybe I don’t have to organize myself like everyone else, but I definitely should avoid procrastinating.

via Daily Prompt: Denial


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