Once Was Dainty but now Furious with Ideas

“You can always give up.”  He had said like it was nothing.

She could give up.  To give up on all that she had worked hard on the things she clawed and climbed her way out of the dirt for.

“What!”  She exclaimed as she looked at him and waited for him to retract his statement because giving up was not something in her vocabulary.

“You’re always complaining, and I haven’t seen a single thing that’s good come out of this arrangement for you at all. That’s all I’m saying, give up it’s not a bad thing to quit.” He smiled and handed her a dish ready for the kiln.

“It’s okay to quit? Do you even hear yourself, Mathew?” Lisa had become enraged by the lack of empathy he was showcasing towards her as if to mock all that she had done. “If I were Robert would you tell me the same thing?” Lisa asked as she placed the crafted dish into the blazing kiln.

“Robert would never come to me complaining night and day about how much unnecessary work he must face to get noticed.”

Lisa laughed as the furry that once enraged her vanished away and it was evident to her that Mathew was just blindly ignorant to her struggles.

“Of course Robert wouldn’t complain to you he doesn’t see you as a friend. He would bother me with all his problems as he always does. You wouldn’t complain about your issues to Robert either because you are too arrogant to admit there are any problems.”  Lisa giggled away as Mathew looked at the dish bronzing away in the kiln.

“You frighten me at times Lisa with your sense of precision,” Mathew mumbled under his breath as Lisa smiled away painting the finishing details on a fresh glazed plate.

“Are you that frightened of me?” Lisa smiled handing over the delicately crafted French plate.

“More than you will ever know my dear.” Mathew grinned taking the plate and inspecting its perfect symmetry and stylization.

“Mathew if you’re so terrified of me then why is it that my work with you goes unnoticed?” She asked him softly but blunt. The room filled with silence as he couldn’t come up with a reasonable excuse to his lack of equality in workers fee and privileges.

Mathew knew that Lisa was necessary but never imagined her holding the company in her dainty hands. Those hands that painted the tiny details could not be the brawn that aired the fire. As he stared her down in silence, he realized that she was the women who had aired the fire for years and carried the stacks of plates on bare back with no complaints till delicate fingers bled.

“You Lisa are a force to be reckoned with because my mind it wants to paint you like a dainty, fragile girl but you prove me wrong. I see that you are strong and I am ignorant to the lack of equality because I have an idea of what a girl is. Now I must reform my thoughts just as you have distinguished the difference between Robert and me.”  Mathew responded humbly holding out to Lisa for a sign of forgiveness and understanding.


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