How I find Happiness in an Anxious Life

Anxiety is and can be a boulder that’s heavy and almost life-consuming. The energy takes to move it and avoid its boldness can drain you almost leaving you at deaths steps. When I speak of death, I don’t mean the end but this pit of enduring pain and lifelessness that exhausts you beyond comparison.

I recently have been dealing with my anxiety in all its complexity of fearing the unknown to the isolation I believed I needed. I did this all to avoid the boulder known as social anxiety, but in shortness of breath and sweaty palms, I came out of this anxious fear not rid of the anxiety completely but aware that maybe I’m honestly just an anxious person. The one thing was clear all I needed was to be brave and happy through the terrible storm to diminish the fiery pit of burning mental ideas that cast me out into the unknown.

There’s something about facing your fears that leave you still and almost catatonic, afraid to back down and afraid to move forward unsure if you should make the first step. I found myself frozen, but deep down I knew I couldn’t hide away from the world because that was very much unfair to me. I deserved to get up with all that I had to face the things that left me in dismantled pieces, and it was not easy.

It’s never easy facing your anxiety head on and if it were anxiety wouldn’t be a thing. Anxiety is a tricky little thing because it gets you spinning tales of scenarios you will never or haven’t been in, asking you awful things and leaving you at cliff-hangers to ponder what outcomes will follow if you dared to do the unknown.

I’ve played its game and knew it all too well, and at times I fell into its webs of fear in hopes that its delusions would comfort. Like the song defying gravity in wicked it had become clear to me that I was through accepting limits and I needed to tell my anxiety that it couldn’t pull me down.

I dare you to tell your anxiety not today as you lavish in all that makes you happy. The anxiety will linger about, but with all your bravery you will know that the moments you live in are stronger.  The happiness you receive is much more worthwhile than the anxious thoughts that occupy.

This following article gives some great tips on how to be happy. One thing I must stress is that happiness isn’t something that comes instantly especially when you struggling with anxiety. Take your time and know it is okay if you’re not feeling happy right away, but you’re doing something to help ease you out of that anxiety bubble that can be quite comfortable but never good to stay in forever.

10 Brilliantly Simple Ways On How To Feel Happier Now! Accept that some sadness from time to time is okay Nobody can experience great joy 24 hours of the day. There are always going to be events from time to time that will bring you down and make you sad. And guess what, it is…

via 10 Brilliantly Simple Ways On How To Feel Happier Now! — Life By Shape


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