Rooted and Wanted- The tale of a girl


She had felt like a lonely isolated girl wandering the empty streets that crashed and buzzed with the chaos of people who had no idea of her existence. This wasn’t the first time she was invisible. She had always been the invisible girl moving from one space to the next like an unwanted card passed on in a game of cards.

There she walked the tiny little girl left alone to figure out what the world meant. Where did she come from and where was she going the two questions she could never answer. She brushed her hair back in hopes of finding some sort of comfort in the anxious bubble that covered her whole.  Her hair was tangled in knots of unresolved ideas which reflected her mind and her bleak washed out plane clothes helped blend her into the invisible realm she occupied.

She had always wondered why she was forever fading into nothingness and why she had to walk with the curse of loving too much and hurting beyond comprehension. They had moved her to another home in hopes of her finding some sense of comfort as the old place she had grown accustomed wasn’t a good fit for her anymore. Those were the words they used to tell her that it was time for her to depart but she knew that deep down she wasn’t wanted like her life had always played out.

Once again she was passed to the next in hopes of the card deck working out as the game that was her life played its self out. She was off to a new home but what did home mean to her?

Her idea of home was this ever changing shape that grew out and clasped its arms around her to secure her only to be ripped away again and again. You’d think that she would have grown to not loving the idea of home and planted roots.

The idea of roots firm in the ground and sturdy like an Oak tree bleeding its thick roots within the earth to grow into towering heights of beauty and power made her wonder of endless possibilities. The Oaks that she saw as she moved remained a constant in her life as seasons changed they reassured her through the winters that they budding green would be seen once more no matter where she travelled or hid. She would forever smell the acorn scent and know the home was near. The trees became her idea of home as she moved from place to place. She found her grounding roots that seemed to travel distances and had endless relatives that occupied many yards and street corners.

The Oak trees in their grand beauty recognized her, and she too recognized each different one. The invisible girl was far from invisible as she stood next to the towering beauty’s that rooted her in the reality of life that was splashed with misery and at times bursts of joy. She loved the earth that held and nourished the trees that reassured her of hope, love, and wonder. Maybe she was special much more than she could ever know, and maybe the Oak trees that rooted her into a beautiful woman that grew into a tree of her own were right after all. A home was with her no matter where she went, and love was hers no matter what.

The answers to the questions that had left her hair tangled had been resolved as she stood firm and rooted in her own ways and ideas no longer chained to the misfortunes of her past.

via Daily Prompt: Roots

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