Walls Torn Down For Love

The evening had fallen with the sun setting softly leaving shades of whimsical colours to fill up the sky. This had been their best day ever together as they rediscovered who they each were in the harsh world they shared.

They sat on the cold sand that shone in the sunset of the fare. Layla sat across from Hayden and imagined she knew all the things that passed his mind and that the distance between them was no longer there just as it hadn’t been before. Layla’s mind swayed to the memories of them on the ferries wheel locked together in complete isolation on top of the world looking down and lost in the moments of them being happy in each other’s company.

Hayden had loved the time he spent with Layla, but that was just it to him. Time spent and nothing more because he knew when the sun was to rise again things wouldn’t be the same. Layla to him would be the girl who tied herself into knots of trying to fit in and conforming to please the crowds she called her friends.

Layla sat in silent deep thoughts and wishful hoping across from Hayden watching the tide crawl into the beach and the sunset.

“What are you thinking of?” Hayden softly asked as he knocked some sand in her direction

As the words slipped from Hayden a sense of wishful hopes answered, flushes over Layla.

“Just couldn’t stop thinking about all the fun things we did today.” Layla wiped her long hair in his direction with her melting smile.

Hayden knew that he didn’t want to be pulled into anything, but Layla’s smile only pulled him in like a magnet attracted with no control. She was like another person as they were left to spend the day together.

The two had locked eyes, but their hearts and minds were at complete odds and the quiet air that filled the empty space made it clear.

“What?” Layla finally asked unsure of her position with Hayden who was lost in her eyes that reflected two different personalities.

“Nothing I was just lost in thoughts.” Hayden murmured as he turned to face the ocean

Layla could never understand Hayden who had built up a wall around himself that allowed for nobody to climb over or question his intentions and she was the first to ask why and dared to climb over what he had built to distance them.

“Why do I feel like you’re always running away from me?” she asked him as he looked far away from her. His attempt to avoid any eye contacts and physical contact only drew them closer in their mental tensions and the wall that he had built had found itself shrinking just for her.

“Why do you change yourself when you’re around others? It’s like you lose the real you and become something else.” Hayden responded to Layla unafraid to stare her down with his electric blue eyes.

“What are you talking about” Layla defensively shifted in Hayden’s direction.

“You bend to the will of everyone around you when you a truly a decisive person who knows what they want and like but yet let others dictate what you should do and be. Friends should take you for who you are not reshaping you into something else.”  Hayden cleared all his thoughts out to her as he let her into his mind and heart.

The waves crashed into the shore as the sunset had settled into sparkled starry night. Layla had no idea that Hayden had seen her change of persona in need to keep the friends she deemed to be worthwhile. Maybe she was wrong about who were truly her friends, and her ideas of Hayden had changed instantly as her attraction to him grew deeper. He had seen who she truly was and wasn’t discouraged by the self-spoken girl she had tried to hide away.

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