The art of Escaping

She needed to escape like the air that filled her lungs.

She woke up on a sunny morning and felt not one piece of happiness. No peace of mind filled her head as she picked up her old suitcase that had broken down over time.

This was not her first time taking the high road. Some would say that she was a little to accustom to her need to vanish into the distant night, as her suitcase could attest to that statement.

She had decided to leave not because she was afraid of the things to come it was because she needed to go. To go somewhere far away that wouldn’t hold who she was and that potentially allowed her to be anything she wished. That space was so far away and at times seemed like it never existed and so she lived to chase that idea of finding her Neverland.


Her fingers itched in anxious excitement as her head vibrated in fits of fear and deep sadness.

She wasn’t sad to leave but terrified of the unknown but she desired and needed to leave the space she had created. Her bubble was killing her and so she needed to catch a new fresh start.

The train was stained with all the passengers that had escaped some kind of normality for a moment on a high speed track cart searching for a place to belong. She could relate as well as the city passed by at high speed.

They say some people are born with a higher need for speed in life and she had this electric anxiety for speed in her life. The rush it brought left her feeling above the world but she knew that she couldn’t live forever in those crazy moments.

She needed to escape into the day and night like an invisible being phasing through every awful situation that haunted and mocked her.