Air Longed For

She sat outside at the edge of everything wondering if that would be it and wondered if she had seen the end. It was always her in the dark wondering if things would come around at some point and if she would feel different once they did.

There’s nothing fun in being a drifter always moving and never having a sense of place. Like a compass with no north set in stone just wobbling about making things up as it went along. She would never wished such a thing on her worst enemy.

Air was something Juliet lived for the kind of air that made her feel free from all the things that had wrapped themselves around her like a snake in position with it prey.

“I heard that your mother passed away.” Damien intruded into the empty cocoon that wove itself mentally around Juliet who had escaped into the cold in need of air.

Her body told her not to respond to his sweet but bitter words and intrusive nature. Her mind wanted to speak for once about how it felt and all the ideas that had consumed it whole.

“I know how tough it is to lose somebody like that” Damian chimed once more as he noticed that she wasn’t about to speak. If he noticed her need to keep silent then he must of ignored the notice she had placed on her need for space.

“Tell me Damian what do you know about loss” she asked him as the misty air arose leaving a scene of tragedy around them.

“I know it hurts and it’s an unwanted circumstance. It’s a bundle of feeling that burn and burn endlessly.” He told her as he gazed out at the water that crashed itself against the cliffs. His gaze into the depths of certain death came with words that assured hope and insight into Juliet’s mind.

Her mind was laced with death and all it’s offers of giving up and into its endless consuming relief. The relief that it offered was so attractive but she knew deep within that it was nothing but a quick fix an easy way out of facing the pain that haunted.

“I know my words may never comfort or give strength but maybe my presence will assure you of many options.” Damian’s words were like air pumping through her lungs and giving her a second chance at a life forgotten.

Juliet had forgotten about all the options that could be taken in her one tracked mind. the blinders that it had taken up had blinded her of the options that seemed tough but worthwhile.



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