Coming Back into the Writing World

The past few months have been a cold few months on Bowiesaliens unfortunately I haven’t been putting as much content as I would love. I want to thank all my subscribers that have stayed on board with me as I took a break from writing due to a super busy schedule. I’m back and pumped to kick of the new posting schedule for Bowiesaliens so guys there will be a method to my madness.

We all know October is the month of pumpkins, spooks and of course a lot of imagination. The short stories that are coming up for the remainder of this month will be filled with ghosts, monsters, witches and fairies. Writing is an awesome way of expression so if you love writing or maybe you’re into drawings (please check out my Instagram). Please send in submissions, I’d love to read and post you’re short stories, poetry, personal essays or visual works. Please remember if you’re submitting work know that anything that’s offensive and degrading of another person’s culture, race and sexual orientation WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please be respectful and remember to always speak love and not hate.

If you want to send in a submission please send it to Please remember to only submit work that follows what’s accepted.

Happy October and let the spook and sipping of pumpkin chai lattes continue.


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