A Poem of Ashy Enlightenment

They had smoked on the roof thinking that the fumes would bring them to a heightened state of awareness

The smell of smoke had left them thinking of all the ashy places they had been and things they’d felt in the darkness of the burning embers of night

They never could understand why the things they felt were never truly captured let alone explainable in the morning sunrise

Like emotional downers, they swept from an existential high to a deepening spiral of uncomfortable realizations

They had torn their clothes with razor-sharp roses that had bled blood into their crisp whites

They had thought with all their hearts and minds that they could buy back the buckets of Lily’s they threw out so effortlessly over the broken roof they had spent their youth smoking on

The flowers of their youth they desired so desperately to regain could never be restored just as their skins could never return to the elasticity it once knew when birthed

They had smoked their lives away and as they had sat on the ashy broken roof hoping to touch sky and star, their eyes welled with tears

The broken roof they had sat upon rumbled beneath them not allowing any sudden quick movements as they had desperately tried to get to their feet

The air that surrounded them filled with the scent of blood, sweat, and tears as they had finally felt grounded for a moment in silence

This was their moment of enlightenment as they watched themselves fade into obscurity in each other’s eyes

The wind that had shaken the broken roof’s foundation swept their sins up above them and away into an unknown space with their ashy tears of defeat and regret

They had looked at each other in hopes of understanding what made them so different but yet the same as others

Why had they been denied the chance and affection of life’s vibrancy like devilish creations awaiting for salvation in a pit of resentment and anguish poured upon them by others above

The ash they had smoked had created a thick fog that had blinded them till the roof caved into the empty building they had made

They had become nothing yet they were filled with everything and never came to see their worth

via Daily Prompt: Enlighten

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