Blog Revamp and Update

To all my amazing subscribers, followers and readers thank you so much for the amazing support and love the past year.

When I started BowiesAlien I was looking for space I could shear my ideas, feelings, and writings. I didn’t have a major direction for the blog and those of you who have been with me on the journey may have noticed my growth and changes. I want my blog to grow just as I have and this growth wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the amazing support and encouragement that has been sent my way.

I have been uploading my illustrations on my Instagram but haven’t had ample opportunity to expand some of the extracts that have gone and captioned many of my drawings. I love writing and coming up with different, interesting and somewhat relatable stories. This blog has given me a space to interact with amazing people as well as find amazing inspiration.

Thanks to the amazing support I’ve been finding within my art I’ve decided to change my blog so that it can truly show all that I am and see. I truly hope to make a space that’s inviting, honest, entertaining and most importantly empowering. Like I always say:

“Individuality is an amazing thing and everyone should feel completely free to be themselves.”

The blog will be changing as I merge my writing and illustrations into a space that will not only help me but also give out encouragement, love, and support to others.

Thank you so much

Love Djemima xoxo