100 Illustrations on Freedom

I started an instagram challenge this year to sketch a 100 drawings on what freedom means. Freedom is an important part of being human, whether its freedom of self identity to actual decent human rights.

There are many places where a lot of people are living without freedom or are living limited lives. I think freedom is very important and it’s what makes us humans; having the ability to choose what it is we want or who we are.

I decided to bring my freedom challenge to my blog because it’s very important to me that I don’t just capture my ideas of freedom but rather extend this to everyone because we are all beautiful individuals with different views and ideas. for it to truly be a challenge I’m asking you, what does freedom mean to you?


IMG_1168 (Edited)
 Image 1: (100 illustrations on Freedom)

Image 1: Feelings Beneath Face

What you see is not always what’s being experienced. Everyone is going through some sort of phase, moment and struggle within their lives and self…The ability to express inner emotions without the fear of being shunned or ridiculed is freedom.

The ability to not have to hide mental struggles and being embraced for being truthful in the face of negative stigmas. This is a freedom that everyone deserves and should have…

Please comment what freedom means to you or fill in a contact form with your answer. As always anything that’s negative and hatful is will not be accepted. I’m looking to encourage positivity and loving truth.